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CyberSecurity Sense is LBMC's monthly podcast that will provide insights and updates on such information security topics as: Penetration Testing, Ransomware events, Digital Forensic Analysis, Electronic Discovery and Litigation Support, Risk Assessments, Security Program Planning, Web Application Security, HIPAA Compliance, HITRUST Certifications, NIST 800-171 Certifications, PCI Data Security Standards, SOC Reporting and SOX Compliance.

Nov 27, 2017

Often in the information security industry, professionals can be accused of spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt with cybersecurity concerns. However, considering the implications of integrity attacks, it is essential to pay close attention to them. As more organizations move to cloud storage, user authentication compromises are increasing. If an organization has sensitive information that can be accessed from anywhere online by simply using a username and password, that information is at risk, and organizations should make an effort to make their networks more secure.  

In this podcast, LBMC Information Security’s Jason Riddle and Mark Fulford discuss the growing concerns with data integrity and how to avoid being a victim of attacks.  

Listen, and discover these key takeaways:

  • Feedback heard from the cybersecurity field
  • The need for two-factor or multi-factor authentication
  • The ability for integrity attacks to impact financial markets
  • How integrity attacks could be more effective than availability attacks and confidentiality attacks
  • The need to increase cybersecurity efforts to prevent integrity risks and attacks